A Weekend in Miami

This weekend I traveled to Miami to photograph a gorgeous wedding in Coral Gables and decided it might be a fun weekend trip for the fam.  So I started scouting Miami hotels and realized… I’m poor.  Who really spends $400-500 a night on a hotel room anyway?!  I didn’t really think Priceline would work, but I put in an amount I was comfortable with and VOILA… it booked us a room at the Mondrian Hotel on South Beach.  I really feel like this hotel was the perfect place to stay.  It had a perfectly modern Miami interior, was close to everything, and even had a kiddie-ish pool (not common on South Beach lol).  Unfortunately between the wedding and a couple other sessions, I wasn’t at the hotel long enough to explore with my camera, but I did collect some images I found on the web that show my fave parts of the hotel.

Mondrian Hotel Miami Mondrian Hotel Miami

Walking in to the lobby, I felt like I was in an episode of Nip/Tuck (Miami days) or in a strangely awesome Goldfrapp video.  The weirdy faces in the lobby and in the guest rooms were creepy at first but kinda grew on me… and became a little intriguing.

Mondrian Hotel Miami

I looooved the restaurant/bar area… who wouldn’t be attracted to all that stark white.  Unexpectedly scaled pieces are always an exciting (for a designer) surprise and the oversized gold bells housing the chandeliers were no exception.

Mondrian Hotel Miami Mondrian Hotel Miami Mondrian Hotel Miami

The shower was probably my favorite part of the room — I love mosaics (except for cleaning them in my own house), and the showerhead was a rainhead fixture surrounded by a chandelier.  So it was like bathing in a sunlit rain shower in a mosaic sky.  You can’t tell in this picture but one side of the shower was a full length mirror.  Not sure if this was a good or bad thing… lol.

Mondrian Hotel Miami Mondrian Hotel Miami

I got to spend a couple hours at the pool before heading to the wedding… it was so nice!  We went in the morning before all the beautiful childless people woke showed up.  Actually, funny story… Amelia made friends with 2 little girls and as we were chatting with their mom, learned they live in Vero and were in town visiting family.  When I said I was a photographer and in Miami for work she said, “Are you Vitalic?!”  So it was pretty random the only people we met at a hotel 3 hours away just happened to be from our town and knew so many mutual friends!

So now I leave you with a few Instagrams from the weekend…Amelia of course rocked her fierce look in Sobe.

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