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I really really really wanna redo my dining “area.”  I say area because it’s not exactly a room, it’s a space off the kitchen that you have to pass through to get to our old porch / new room as well as our bedroom.  Ah the pros and cons of the open floor plan.  My current furniture was purchased from Ikea as an upgrade from my garage sale pedestal table and K-mart dining chairs from my first apartment (thanks mom).  Although it is functional, I’m ready to invest in chairs and possibly a table that I know I’ll love and keep for a long time.  The chandelier was free, my old boss let me take it from a job where the client got a new one and was just going to throw that perfectly good one away.  It looks a lot like the Claire Chandelier from Ballard and I used to love it…now I’m ready for a change.  I recently purchased the aqua console from Kirkland’s, who knew Kirkland’s had such cute pieces here and there?  So that will most likely be staying unless I re purpose it somewhere else in the house.  I used to have a rug in this room, which was nice because honestly, it made my pug’s spiny little hairs less noticeable.  However I have a rug in the adjacent living room and in the new room, so I may leave this transition space bare.  The ottomans I picked up at Homegoods and I have like 8 different places that I keep them, sometimes at the end of our bed, sometimes pulled up next to our coffee table, sometimes as an entry way bench, etc.

Here are some current/before photos taken with my iPhone since #1 it was fast and easy #2 it will make the finished photos seem awesomer.

dining room before pictures dining room before pictures dining room before pictures

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