Fall 2013 Fashion Trends

So fall is almost here.  Here are a few of the trends I noticed that can actually be brought to real life.  How do you feel about them?

#1 ) Beanies.  I like them in a practical sense… like when it’s cold out.  But I’m not sure how I feel about them as a fashion trend.  Thoughts?

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#2 ) Emerald Green.  Love it.  Perfect fall color.

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#3 ) Leopard.  I hope leopard print never goes out of style.  They’re saying it’s around for the fall so that’s a good thing!  A little bit of leopard can go with any outfit.

leopard dress, fall 2013 fashion trends, fall fashion, booties

#4 ) Peplum.  I’m not sure I can pull off the peplum look, but it sure does look adorable on some women.  I think wearing a blazer or jacket over it definitely helps reduce the not-so-flattering hip/butt enhancing that peplum provides.

peplum shirt, red peplum, fall 2013 trends, fall fashion, wendy's lookbook

Some other trends noted were military inspired pieces and colors, leather and statement coats.  What are your fave fall fashions?

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