Fave Floor Plans

I’m not planning on building another house in the very near future (thanks housing market), but I’m always looking for that perfect floor plan.  Having grown up with my Mom as a real estate broker and my Dad as a general contractor, I was always looking through his Professional Builder magazines studying floor plans and drawing my own.  That could be part of the reason why I majored in interior design… it seemed like architecture, but more fun.  These are two of my favorites that I’ve come across.  I have a few requirements…

  • a nice kitchen layout
  • space for a potential Steve room (for beer brewing, sound recording and who knows what else)
  • office for myself
  • a layout that could look out onto a pool
  • cute facade, porches never hurt
  • either a secondary family room or a space for the kids to hang and store their crap toys

perfect family floor plan perfect family floor plan perfect family floor plan perfect family floor plan

So one of these days I’ll be livin’ in one of these cutie floor plans, unless I come across an awesomer one while waiting for my home’s value to appreciate… if ever. ::fingers crossed::

House #1 // House #2


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