Holiday Gift Guide: Guys

It’s the Holiday Gift Guide, guy edition!  I naturally searched for items that I think my husband would like… he’s a musical, beer brewing, tech loving guy and these items are definitely on my shopping list for him.

  1. The first is a watch but the face is an iPod nano… super cool. You’ll have tunes and the time.  And I just realized they have new iPod Nano’s that are a different shape… but you could still scour eBay to find a 6th generation because I think it’s a super cool gift.
  2. What guy doesn’t love a comfy tee, that’s all Steve would wear if I let him and J. Crew has really soft ones.
  3. I found this guitar pick punch and thought that would be convenient, he’s always searching the house for picks, now he can just make one!
  4. The Porch Board Bass would be a little bit of a splurge, but it’s a really fun musical accessory for you acoustic guitar players.
  5. I saw the latitude/longitude keychain on Etsy and thought it would be a sweet gift.  It could represent the place you met, got married or your first home.
  6. We have an Apple TV and it’s amazing, we mainly use the Netflix app and can watch countless shows and movies on demand. (Great for kids’ shows too)
  7. I thought this beer tasting set was interesting, I never knew certain beers were supposed to be enjoyed with specific glasses just like wine, perfect for the beer snob in your household.
  8. We all grew up playing the original Nintendo, what a fun reminder with this iPhone case.
  9. We got my Dad the Brookstone Grill Alert last year and he always says it was the best gift.  We used it for the turkey on Thanksgiving.  It was nice to not have to hover over the turkey in the fryer out in the garage.

With guys (at least my other half), stick to gifts related to their hobbies and minimize the clothing purchases… unless that’s what they’re into of course! : )

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1. Leather Watch Band $89.99  |   2. J. Crew Guitar Tee $16.50  |  3. Guitar Pick Punch $30  |
4. Porch Board Bass $299.95
5. Latitude/Longitude Keychain | 6.  Apple TV $99  |  7. Eight Piece Beer Tasting Set $59.95  |    8. Nintendo iPhone Case $35  |  9. Brookstone Grill Alert $69.99

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