Holiday Gift Guide: Little Girls

Shopping for kids makes the Holidays so much more fun.  To picture their faces lighting up at the site of their gifts on Christmas morning makes the hassle of Holiday shopping so worth it (or in my case, the pushing of the Amazon Prime button). My little girl Amelia is about to turn 3 and she would love any of these gifts!

  1. Every little girl needs a little sparkle dress.  I guarantee she will pick it out to wear everyday and won’t want to take it off.  Or is my daughter the only one obsessed with glitter everything?
  2. I found this gem while browsing on the Disney Store website.  My daughter absolutely loves tea parties and she’s very into pretend play.  I can’t wait to see her wheeling this cart around serving tea to anyone who stops by.
  3. Amelia already has one of these Color Wow Books, but my Mom is picking up another one.  It comes with a little pen that holds water and you use it to color in the book.  The pages show up with water but go away when dry.  Amelia has spent hours playing with this, and it’s also great to keep in your purse for going out to eat!
  4. Ahh the play kitchen… every little girls’ dream.  I purchased this a little over a year ago in hopes of distracting Amelia enough to get a little work done around the house.  It worked for awhile… then she forgot about it… but now since she’s so into pretend play again, it’s a huge daily hit.
  5. If you’re gonna have a kitchen, cookies MUST be baked.  The slicability of these makes them so fun, and with mix and match icing the only negative is that you can’t eat them.
  6. Princess shoes… gotta have ’em.
  7. One of my best friends is an occupational therapist and told me this scooter is her gift for Amelia this year.  I trust her in every way when it comes to what toys are best for their development (and the most fun)!
  8. Amelia got this dress up trunk set for her birthday last year and I can say it’s her most used toy.  She wears the skirts and outfits on a daily basis.  I’d also pick up the shoe set that matches!
  9. Last but not least, the train set.  Every kid loves a train set and I thought this girly version was just too cute.

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1. Sequin Tunic $48  |  2.  Mrs. Potts & Chip Tea Cart $25  |  3. Princess Water Book $9.99
4. Vintage Kitchen $125  |  5. Slice & Bake Cookie Set $19.99  |  6. Tulle Gem Ballet Flats $34.95
7. Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter $52.98  |  8.  Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk $44.99
9. Fairy Town Train Set $80.99

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