Mother’s Day Gift Guide

If you are a mother… or you have a mother… this post is for you.  Here are a few things any lady wouldn’t mind receiving for Mother’s Day this year. : )

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1) A unique handmade necklace, this one is lovely.  Men, look at Etsy.  You may have heard this word around town, it holds a mecca of unique gifts for your lovely lady.  Bookmark it.

2) A pretty new wallet.  Not everyone loves Vera Bradley, but I dooooo!

3) A thoughtful mug with a funny quote on it, something that pertains to your special lady.  Cookies apply to most.

4) Jewelry… you usually can’t go wrong.  This ring has an infinity look to it, double score!

5) Magazine subscriptions… to a publication or topic that she has admitted to loving.

6) It’s beach season here in Florida already and I could always use a new umbrella.  Love this stylish striped umbrella, so cute.

7) Pearls and spikes… you might not get it, but she’ll love this bracelet.

8) A pretty robe, in fact any robe from Plum Pretty Sugar would be a win!

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