Must Have Baby Items

It’s been 2 weeks since Juliet arrived!  I must say, adjusting to a newborn’s schedule is much easier the 2nd time around.  I’m not sure if it’s that you know what to expect or maybe the fact that I’m blessed with another relatively easy baby, but it just seems like she fits pretty seamlessly into our family.  With Amelia I felt like life kinda stopped for the new life in the house… I was constantly worried and trying to decipher every move the baby made.  This time I know that life has to go on, I still have to get up and take Amelia to school, dance class, I have to get groceries so I can feed us and child #1.

The 2nd time around I also feel like you don’t need as much “gear” as you thought you did the first time.  As long as the baby is fed and has a place to sleep, she’s pretty happy.  Now of course there are items that make your life easier, and these are a few I have definitely used in the first 2 weeks.

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When you have a newborn, sleep is one the most delicious yet elusive things that you want and need.  So anything that helps aid in better sleep is a “must have” in my book.  The Miracle Blanket, a pacifierSleep Sheep (that plays nature sounds) and Rock ‘n Play all help induce sleep and keep the baby asleep.  A contraption that moves like the Mamaroo can help with this too as I’ve learned during the long awake stretches at night.

The other thing newborns love to do… is eat… constantly… which leads me to a few other “must have” items.  With constant action, it’s imperative to have some soothing Lanolin cream and nursing pads for your mammary members.  A boppy is also a great accessory to have, I find myself using it through the night since I don’t have to hold the baby up as much while nursing her and snoozing at the same time.  Juliet also loves laying nestled in the boppy since she can look around and take in all the sights of the room.

With Amelia I didn’t have a baby bathtub, I just used a big floating sponge.  I must say it’s nice to have a tub this time, the little hammock is perfect for sponge baths.  Juliet’s little belly button stub fell off this morning so tonight she’ll get her first non sponge bath.  The Vera Bradley towel isn’t necessarily a “must have,” but it’s SO plush, soft and cute, I just love it.  : )

1 ) Vera Bradley Hooded Towel

2 ) First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub

3 ) Lansinoh Nursing Pads and Lanolin

4 ) Boppy Pillow

5 ) Fischer Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

6 ) Cloud B Sleep Sheep 

7 ) Miracle Blanket

8 ) Nuk Pacifiers

9 ) 4Moms Mamaroo


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