Ode to Mad Men & Mid-Century Modern Design


Ahhhh Mad Men… ahhh Jon Hamm.  Last night was the beginning of the end of the iconic series.  I’m sad to say goodbye to Don Draper and the rest of the Mad Men cast.  I haven’t watched from the beginning, I admit I binge watched the entire series about a year ago at the same time my Mom did.  After every episode she would exclaim, “OMG, we had that same sofa, and the same juice glasses, the same bed sheets!”  The set designers did an amazing job portraying the era…  Mid-century modern design holds a place in my heart as well.  In my early architectural design classes at UF, I was drawn to the design of that era, studying many architects’ work such Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier.

So as an ode to Mad Men and mid-century modern design I put together a little collage of some great MCM pieces I found on Charish, a website where design lovers can buy and sell amazing vintage furniture.  It was so fun browsing around their site looking for amazing pieces and accessories that when put together, make a space Don Draper would feel right at home in.

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Sofa  |  Pillow  |  Cocktail Table  |  Floor Lamp Table  |  Glass Side Table  |  Lamp  |  Chair  |  Rug  |  Dry Bar Cabinet  |  Decanter Set

And just for all our our viewing pleasure… the man himself.  Stay tuned this week for more mid-century modern interiors and if I’m ambitious, maybe even a Betty Draper inspired outfit.



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