Roseland Project Renovation

Well… I’ve been MIA lately due to several factors.

  1. Family time and having baby Juliet and big sister Amelia demanding most of my time
  2. Wedding season has started back up for our photography business, therefore I devote most of my free time to catching up on editing
  3. We have started an exciting renovation project for our future home!

My parents live in a small section of our town, I guess technically it is its own town, but it’s part of Sebastian?  Anyway, it’s called Roseland and it’s just outside the city limits.  I lived in the house my parents’ still live in since I was 4 years old until I went to college.  I loved living on almost 1.5 acres in a unique spot.  I love our house in Sebastian that my Dad built but have always wanted to find a place in Roseland.

I had been noticing a house around the corner from my parents’ for awhile and asked my Dad about it since it looked vacant.  He did some investigating and tracked down the owner whose aunt previously owned it and willed it to him.  He was in the middle of some health issues so he said to get back with him in a few months.  Fast forward and after talking with my Dad, he decided to sell the 2.6 acres and very run down home to my Dad for a great deal.  My Dad is a general contract so he knew it would take quite a bit to fix it up to our liking but the deal of the land was too good to pass up.  My parents purchased the property with the intent of co-designing and fixing it up and subsequently selling it to us once it’s complete.


Sooooo, there you go!  The house is currently down to the studs and my Dad’s crew works on it between the other busy jobs he has going.  There isn’t a huge rush or timeline, but we hope to move into it this fall/winter.  As for our current house, we have it For Sale by Owner on Zillow just to see what happens.  We’ve had some interest and have showed it a few times but no formal offers yet (although they have all requested to hire me as their designer, should I take that as a sign to start up a full service design business?)

I’m going to document the renovation process on here in between regular posts, so if you’re interested check back often! : )


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