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I was first exposed to the jewelry line that is Stella & Dot last February at a women’s networking event.  They had a table set up full of the cutest jewelry ever, and they kept telling me to try on whatever I wanted, pretty fun.  Shortly after I found out a childhood friend of mine was a “stylist” for S&D as they are referred to, which is just a super cute way of saying that she sets up trunk shows and sells the baubles!  Last summer I decided I wanted to have a trunk show and got in touch with her.  It was basically a girls’ candy shop — trays of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings set up to play with all while having cocktails and socializing with friends.

I love the fact that hosting a trunk show is so easy, all you have to do is provide some drinks, maybe a few snacks and invite your friends over to play!  There’s no pressure… if you like something, buy it!  If not, no biggie.  And as a hostess you receive FREE jewelry credits, at mine I was able to pick out $300 worth of jewelry for free and even a few items at 50% off.

You can also buy things ONLINE at any time which is very convenient.  So local friends, if you want to set up a trunk show to play dress up, just let me know any time!  There’s tons of free jewelry credits to be had for hosting.  It’s free jewelry people, you know you want it. : )

Stella & Dot



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