What to Wear Wednesday: Rompers & Jumpsuits

Rompers… they look adorable on my 7 month old baby girl, BUT will they look adorable on me?  Rompers and jump suits always look cute on celebrities or models, but I honestly don’t see them much around town (and Sebastian is HIP I tell ya).  And we can’t forget the age old question this piece of clothing begs to ask, “But what if I have to go to the bathroom?” Especially that one with a button in the back, what were they thinking?!  I don’t think they make snaps on the bottom like Carter’s does… but maybe they should, designers take note.  Whenever I feel out of touch with fashion (hello new baby / 2 kid household), I take a look through Forever21’s website.  And then I feel really old and think things like, “Hmmm, shoulda saved my floral coolots and basically my entire middle school wardrobe.”  Maybe it’s a good thing the only place I’ve managed to shop in the last year is Target! : )

Now, if I was going to wear a romper, I would definitely pick one or all of these.  I think they could be applied to real life… and I suppose the bathroom dilemma could be figured out.

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1) Crochet Lace Romper

2) Budding Floral Strapless Romper

3) Laurel Canyon Lace Romper

4) Surrealist Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

5) Wild Rose Surplice Jumpsuit

6) Menswear Inspired Harem Jumpsuit

1 Comment on What to Wear Wednesday: Rompers & Jumpsuits

  1. libbywilko
    May 2, 2014 at 6:56 am (6 years ago)

    I really like the long ones (4,5) but having to strip off every time to go to the bathroom sounds like a big hassle ! Being a Mum has totally slowed..stopped my style.


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